Android Reloaded

This course will focus on the techniques of Customization & Tweaking used to Spy on Android Devices.

During this course the students will learn about important topics such as the Unlocking PIN/Pattern, Rooting, Flashing custom ROM/Recovery & installing Spy tools using AndroRAT. Also this course will include testing security of android mobile using Metasploit.

The Purpose of Android Reloaded Course

This course puts you in the driver’s seat of a hands-on environment with a systematic process. Here, you will be exposed to an entirely different way of achieving optimal Android Devices, by hacking it! You will scan, test, hack and secure your own Devices.

Who should attend

This course is designed for the one who loves to play with Android like Rooting, Customization, Tweaking, and many more.

Android reloaded is Open for All, just you should have basic knowledge of Android.

Course Outline


Rooting: Rooting is the process of allowing users of smartphones, running the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged control (known as root access) over various Android subsystems. As Android uses the Linux kernel, rooting an Android device gives similar access to administrative (superuser) permissions as on Linux.

Flashing Custom ROM: One of the best things about the openness of the Android platform is that if you're unhappy with the stock OS, you can install one of many modified versions of Android (called ROMs) on your device. A new ROM can bring you the latest version of Android before your manufacturer does, or it can replace your manufacturer-modded version of Android with a clean, stock version. Or, it can take your existing version and just beef it up with awesome new features.

Install Custom Recovery Mod: A custom recovery is a third-party recovery environment. Flashing this recovery environment onto your device replaces the default, stock recovery environment with a third-party, customized recovery environment. This is a bit like flashing a custom ROM like CyanogenMod but, instead of replacing your device's Android operating system, it replaces the recovery environment. Custom recoveries allow you to install custom ROMs. ClockworkMod even offers a "ROM Manager" app that allows you to access many of these features from a running Android system this app requires a custom recovery installed to function.

Recover pattern/pin lock: Android normally secures your device by demanding a PIN, pattern, or full password. Your phone isn't useless if you forget the unlock code you can bypass it and get back in. As Google tightens security, this has become more difficult on modern versions of Android. But there's always a way to make your phone usable again, as long as you have brain.

Android hacking using AndroRAT: Usually any Android Device can be hacked using Metasploit Meterpreter attack but many people are not aware of that process as it is not user friendly. But using a simple tool called AndroRAT (Android Remote Administration Tool) it is possible for anyone to hack any Android device

Android Hacking using Metasploit: Metasploit is a powerful tool which has thousands of prebuilt exploits (programs which can take advantage of security vulnerabilities to give you access to or control over a machine which you would not normally have control over). Metasploit also gives you the ability to write your own exploits for security vulnerabilities and execute them against machines. So, same thing carried out in metasploit but in different and complex method.

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